Chemicals & Maintenance

Get the best for your Pool

As a BioGuard dealer, we receive the unique H2Know pool and spa training on the latest tools and methods, making us certified professionals the undisputed water care experts in your local community.

Tested and proven effective, BioGuard products are known for delivering reliable results and making pool care less complex. We carry an extensive line of pool solutions that match your unique needs.

We experts use BioGuard’s exclusive ALEX® software for in-depth water analysis, so we can recommend the right time-saving solutions and best remedies for any pool challenge you might have.

Maintenance & Repair

At Crowell Pools, we have expert technicians capable of maintaining and repairing your above ground pools, in ground pools, hot tubs and spas.

We also work closely with our manufacturers to ensure you are receiving the highest quality products, and in the event of a product issue, we will assist you with any warranty claims necessary for the products we provide to you.

SilkGuard Complete® Tabs/Sticks

Smart Shock®

Algae Complete®


We provide installations and deliveries on all our products: installation of in ground pools, installation of above ground pools, delivery and set up of hot tubs and spas, and delivery and set up patio furniture.

With our exclusive Crowell Above Ground Ring Foundation installation, your above ground pool investment will be well secured and protected – a security only found at Crowell Pools!

Chemical and Maintenance Products can also be delivered to your home on a regular basis – let us help you keep a schedule of correctly maintaining your pool. With reminders on routine maintenance and delivery of the needed products, maintaining your pool with us is simple and effortless.

treat your pool right - at crowell pools

As your local BioGuard Dealer, we use state-of-the-art ALEX® software to analyze your pool water 12 different ways. Contact us for your free testing!